Friday, April 9, 2010

Are you mailing to dead people?

I was talking to the receptionist at the assisted living facility that my Mother lives at and she told me about the mountains of mail she receives daily for people who have passed on to the great beyond and asked if there was anything that could be done to get it to stop.  I explained that most reputable list compilers pass their data against the deceased file, but once that list has been sold to advertisers to use, it would be up to the advertiser to keep the list updated.  A deceased name can come back on when people don't remove the person's name from telephone directories, utility billings etc. perpetuating the problem.

Are you mailing to dead people?

Unless you are routinely cleaning your list, then there is a good chance you are.  We can clean your mailing list by running your data through a process that identifies deceased people.  At the same time, we can pick up new addresses where people have moved and remove bad addresses.

It costs a lot of money for printing and postage -- don't waste your money -- statistics show dead people never order.  Increase your ROI - only mail to people who are breathing.

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  1. Say there Linda, I think City Clerks through out the state should hire you to get those dead people off of our "Voter Registration lists!!!!