Monday, February 28, 2011

New Service Available for AMA (American Medical Association) Data

A new service has become available for getting mailing lists of doctor's addresses from the AMA.  The AMA list, while usually a better quality list over compiled directory lists, is quite expensive with minimum orders of 5,000 records or more.  In those cases where you only want a small quantity, the cost is the same as if you ordered 5,000 records.   But now, there is a prepay service available to that makes it easier and cheaper to order those lists that are smaller when mailing to a small regional area.

With this service, the minimum order is 20,000 records on a prepay basis, but those records can be accessed and downloaded at any time during the course of a year.  This means that say, you want to only mail to 150 physicians in a specific regional area, the cost of that list would be around .20/ea so that the true cost for 150 names would be $30 instead of the $500 minimum cost that would normally be charged for a one-time order.

The benefit of pulling a small list without paying a high minimum makes this a real plus.

DBS has access to many different sources of medical mailing lists:

Business Directory Files: 
These addresses are compiled from various business directories, including phone book listings, city directories, state business filings, plus other proprietary sources.

AMA (American Medical Association)
This file contains data from doctors belonging to the AMA along with data sourced from state licensing files as well as other proprietary sources.  About 50% of the addresses from the AMA are doctor's home address.

Medical Specialty Files
There are a large number of medical files available that are sourced from directories, licensing files, subscription based files (ie subscribers to medical journals or associations).  These are the most reliable as far as valid mailing address, but are also the most expensive with higher minimum costs.

DBS can also supply you with all of your other list needs if you want to market to the general population - maybe everyone in a specific radius, or zip code area with demographics that include age, income, net worth, gender, marital status, and more.

Let us help you with all of your list and database needs! 

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